This is a collection of our favorite resources on willpower, motivation and energy for work, healthy living, social life, quitting unhealthy behaviors, cleaning, learning and mindfulness. All of these motivation resources are free for you to enjoy.

1. Work motivation

How to Be Happy at Work Blog

The basic elements of intrinsic motivation — autonomy, mastery, and purpose — feed basic psychological needs to produce our best work and richer lives. — Learn how to create real communication, to involve your employees and achieve top talent retention.

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2. Motivation to organize your finances

Get Rich Slowly — Personal Finance That Makes Cents

Stacking Benjamins: Earn, Save and Build With a Plan — A Personal Finance Podcast

Why Organizing Your Finances Is So Important

5 Ways to Stay Motivated When You Start Your Own Business

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3. Motivation for weight loss

The Most Inspiring Weight-Loss Blogs and Success Stories

Weight Loss True Story

Free weight loss and fat loss podcast – Free Motivation Podcast

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4. How to quit negative or unhealthy habits

27 Proven Steps to Break a Bad Habit (without the Cravings)

The Habit Change Cheatsheet: 29 Ways to Successfully Ingrain a Behavior

The Habit Program (Paid habit-change course & support community with free trial) — Breaking Bad Habits – Self-Motivation Training

More about the Willpower to Quit Negative Habits

5. Motivation to engage in social life

Will the Real Introverts Please Stand Up?

Pick the Brain — The Shy Person’s Guide to Talking to Strangers

Using Social Media to Motivate Employees and Build a Community

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6. Motivation to workout

How STRONG Winner Jill May Balances Fitness and Life

Ben Greenfield Fitness — Diet, Fat Loss and Performance Advice

Exercise Inspiration & Weight Loss Motivation

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7. Motivation to study and keep on learning

10 ways to boost your motivation and mood to help you get started on projects

Strategies for Helping Students Motivate Themselves

How to Get Motivated to Study

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8. How to find motivation to clean

Motivation for Procrastination: 3 Ways to Make It Happen

How To Get Motivated To Clean — 6 Tricks to Finding a Motivation to Clean

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9. How meditation increases motivation — 100 Benefits of Meditation

7 Ways Meditation Can Help Your Motivation

76 Scientific Benefits of Meditation

Live and Dare Podcast — Episode 010: Hacking the Mind

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